What types of events are good for a foam party machine?

Child birthday parties, Day Camp Events, Day Care Events, block parties, church festival events, fundraising events, corporate events, university functions, and professional concert events. Everyone loves foam bubbles produced by foam party machines

Will the foam make the surface its on wet?

Yes. Whatever surface you will be having your foam party on will get wet. You should plan accordingly.

Is the foam slippery?

Yes. The foam has a soap base to it whether indoors or outdoors.

How messy is a foam party?

Depending on whether your location is arid or humid, a large amount of the water is lost through evaporation as the foam goes away. After the party the foam solution will leave little to no residue that will blow away or can be rinsed away with a water hose.

How long will the foam last?
It all depends on how many people play in the foam. As more people play in the foam, they break the bubbles. But usually, if foam is untouched, it can last for hours.

At the end of the night, what happens to the foam?
If you let the foam evaporate or dry out, It does not leave any sticky residue. Depending on the amount of water and foam you use, you can have left over water on the floor, which can be mopped up

Can foam machines be used with other inflatables? (bounces, slides, slip and slides)?

Yes, foam machines make a great addition to the traditional combination bounce house. Use with a dry or wet slide and create a great-added attraction. Care should be taken with entering and exiting bounces once they become wet. An adult attendant should be present at all times to monitor playing

Where should we hold the foam party machine party?

Outdoors on a grass surface is best. The foam will get a little slippery; if you are going to hold a foam party machine party on a hard surface we would recommend that children wear athletic shoes. Foam products have been used for decades at events; the safety record of foam party events exceeds that of inflatable bounces.



What age group is best for foam parties?

All ages! Ideal for age 5-90. The young and young at heart will have a blast playing in the foam. We do not recommend anyone younger than 3 years of age in the foam.

Is the foam safe to breathe in?

Yes. Our foam is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic.

Does the foam irritate the eyes?

No. Our foam is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic. Exposure to eyes for a longer period of time may cause redness. Some children prefer to have goggles.

Will guests get wet at the foam party? Will the foam solution harm kids, clothes, pets or landscaping?

Yes the kids will get wet, but not as wet as a slip and slide, wet slide or a pool. The foam solution will not harm kids. The foam solution is biodegradable, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic and is safe for clothes, pets or lawns.

Will the foam kill the grass?

No. The foam is a biodegradable, non-toxic substance. It is completely safe for all plants and grass.



How do you clean up the foam?

Our foam fluid is designed to evaporate/dissipate. If event is outdoors (or if allowable indoors) you can simply spray a water hose on the foam to dissolve it. If event is indoors you can use a mop, squeegee or wet-vac to remove the foam.

Does it need to be in a room that can be filled or just a corner area?
The foam does not have necessarily have to fill up the entire room, a corner area is fine, but you will need to barricade it off in that corner or else it will spread to the rest of the room. It is important to note that although the foam can be kept to one corner of a room, patrons can carry foam throughout facility producing small amounts of water!  (This water equivalency is comparable to water tracked inside when it is raining)

Does the foam pile up or spread quite thinly if its not contained?
The foam does pile up to approximately 3-4 feet before it starts to spread if not contained.

How do you contain the Foam?
There are many ways to accomplish this. Some ways are by using an inflatable pit, building a containment area, using the dance floor or just by using a nice grassy area.

What temperature of water works best for the foam machines?

Any temperature will work.

Do I have to have a foam pit to throw a foam party?

No. The foam pits are great for keeping the foam and occupants within a certain area. But there are numerous other ways to throw foam parties. You can simply allow the foam to build up if you are outside on grass or another soft surface. You can do this inside as well, but water will be present. You can also build a custom foam pit out of PVC or wood and tarps or plastic rolls.

Can I use indoors and will it harm floors?

Foam parties at night clubs, schools and universities are produced indoors with our foam pits.  Inquire about the flooring of your event.

We have had several customers that have produced foam events within malls and is created memorable events

How can I ensure I never run out of foam party solution and make sure that my solution costs are affordable for large events?

Talk to us about our affordable foam solution inventory management plans that will ensure you never run out of solution for your business.


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